#1776 Natural Boar Bristle Palm Hair & Beard Brush %100 Pure Boar Bristle Unisex Cushion Hair Brush Plus Velvet Bag

Beautifully Made King Monkey Products Model#1776 100% Natural Boar Bristle Cushion Hair Brush is perfect for promoting Healthy Strong Vibrant Beautiful Hair. 1776 is ideal for  360 Waves, 540 Waves 720 Waves, Beards and more.

Resistant Rubber Padding Helps eliminate static and protects Boar Bristles from Mold and damage. Easy Cleaning, Wet or Dry Use, Lightweight for easy Travel.

Top Quality Asian Boar Bristles perfect for releasing Natural Oils promoting Healthy Vibrant Beautiful Hair.


Most Hair Brushes are made entirely of Wood, which is great until the brush becomes wet and the bristles moldy from improper cleaning. 


Affecting the quality of the brush ultimately, one of the reasons you will love the new MODEL #1776 by King Monkey Products.



King Monkey Products Model 1776 is also excellent in the shower. 


Manage and detangle wild hair while in the shower washing your hair. 


Take with you to the gym or the business meeting overseas Also Great to travel only 3.0 ounces (Brush Only). 




• Unisex, Men & Women Hair Styling-


• Long & Short Hair-


• Detang